Quest Integrity Group FEACrack

Quest Integrity Group FEACrack 3.2

FEACrack™ is a software product for generating 3D crack meshes
3.2 (See all)
Quest Integrity Group, LLC

FEACrack™ is a Windows®-based software product for generating 3D crack meshes in anything from solid rocket motors to fusion reactors in a matter of minutes. Our fracture mechanics experts, who themselves are end-users, developed FEACrack for practical application in a variety of research and commercial settings.

Main Features :
- Intuitive, easy to use interface with step-by-step guidance
- Rapid generation of 3D crack meshes
- Extensive library of elastic material properties and plasticity models
- Drop-down menu with custom boundary conditions
- Internal file controller runs and controls analysis
- Unlimited levels of crack mesh refinement

Main Benefits :
- Create Abaqus™, ANSYS™ and Warp3D™ input files
- Import and post process results with multiple options
- Perform detailed fatigue analysis with multiple features
- Analyze crack mesh as a submodel
- Post process results directly within FEACrack

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